Epiphany: Blessing of the Church and Chalking the Doors


If you have recently walked through the halls of Haygood, it’s hard to miss the symbols marked in chalk over the upper right corner of every door. 20CMB20. No, this isn’t random graffii! The numbers represent the new year – 2020. The letters represent the latin words “Christus Mansionem Benedicat” meaning “May Christ bless this dwelling.” On Twelfth – Night, the night before Epiphany, our youth gathered to ask God’s blessing on Haygood UMC and upon all who worship, work and visit here.

This is a custom practiced in different parts of the world, particularly Great Britain. Due to the linking of the liturgy to the visit of the three Magi, it is most appropriately used a the start of the season of Epiphany. This beautiful service involves blessing the church through liturgy, worship and prayer followed by the chalking of the doors. Chalk is used because it is not permanent, but an ordinary substance put to holy use. If you would like to read the liturgy for yourself, you can find it at Epiphany Chalk Doors


Another fun tradition our youth observed this Epiphany was seeing who would find the baby (or in our case, seed) in a Three King’s Cake. Traditionally, a plastic baby or seed is hidden in the cake. Whoever finds the baby in their slice has luck for the new year. Cole is our lucky winner!

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