Parenting in the Digital Age This is a great video from a concerned parent who decided to get educated on the impact of social media and use the information to help other parents.  Hope her information is helpful.  She covers lots of topics in this video but gives some great tips on filters for phones and also how to … Continue reading Parenting in the Digital Age

13 Online Challenges Your Kid Already Knows About – And You Should Too

From the Momo Challenge to the Mannequin Challenge, internet stunts can be funny -- or completely frightening -- for kids. By Christine Elgersma 2/27/2019 It's a tale as old as time: We see a lot of people wearing/doing/saying something and we want to try it, too. Back in the day it was saying "Bloody Mary" … Continue reading 13 Online Challenges Your Kid Already Knows About – And You Should Too

Youth Council Elections October 14th

†Elections will be held for the 2018-2019 year during youth group on October 14th.  Please be prepared to present a one minute speech on why you are qualified for the position. All Officers Attends Sunday morning worship at least twice  (2) EVERY month † Active in all aspects of our youth ministry † Works with Marie and other officers … Continue reading Youth Council Elections October 14th

UnWind September Bible Topics

Everybody needs time to UnWind in the middle of the week. School, parents, jobs, homework, peer pressure—the reasons are endless. Come hangout with other youth going through the same stuff, and spend time with Jesus too! It REALLY makes a difference!   5pm free time in the youth room or outside 6pm fellowship dinner $3 … Continue reading UnWind September Bible Topics