A Letter from Our Pastor – Tailgating Event

Dear Friends, On Saturday, October 12th, 50 members of the church lined up their cars and open up their hoods that were loaded with food and held a tailgate party for the students, parents and faculty of Bayside High School.  It was their homecoming and they lined up their floats and their band in our … Continue reading A Letter from Our Pastor – Tailgating Event

2020 Summer Retreat and Niagara Falls Trip

    Houghton, NY | July 27-31, 2020   Houghton College’s main campus is located in the eastern part of New York, just over an hour drive from both Rochester and Buffalo. The 1,300 acres of campus sits on the Allegheny Plateau at roughly 1,300 feet on the site of the former Caneadea Indian Reservation. The stunning outdoor setting makes it … Continue reading 2020 Summer Retreat and Niagara Falls Trip

Parenting in the Digital Age

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACMU8ehEW_4 This is a great video from a concerned parent who decided to get educated on the impact of social media and use the information to help other parents.  Hope her information is helpful.  She covers lots of topics in this video but gives some great tips on filters for phones and also how to … Continue reading Parenting in the Digital Age