Scholarship Applications

HUMC Scholarship Policy

        Recipients of Scholarship from Haygood United Methodist Church will need to comply with the following stipulations:

  • Be a graduating High School Senior who will be attending college or trade school in the Fall or currently a youth attending a college or university seeking a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Be either an active* member or active non-member of Haygood UMC.
  • Must attend worship at Haygood UMC on a regular basis.(It is understood that college students cannot always attend worship regularly, but are expected to be present during breaks and the summer. Special circumstances will be taken into consideration.)
  • Must complete the Scholarship Application Form, including a statement of financial need if requested.

*Active participation shall include attending regularly and frequent participation in the youth group program (not just the “fun” activities), worship, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, mission projects, Journey to Easter, acolyting, be a member of a choir or the Praise Band, assisting around the church, serving on and attending committee meetings.

The Scholarship Committee shall reserve the right to select those who will receive the scholarship funds. While it is wonderful to be able to give everyone a scholarship, the committee shall award scholarship monies based on merit and need.

     PLEASE NOTE: Applications are due on June 2, 2022 and should be returned to Scholarship Committee, Haygood UMC, 4713 Haygood Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, on or before the deadline.


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