A Letter from Our Pastor – Tailgating Event

Dear Friends,

On Saturday, October 12th, 50 members of the church lined up their cars and open up their hoods that were loaded with food and held a tailgate party for the students, parents and faculty of Bayside High School.  It was their homecoming and they lined up their floats and their band in our parking lot in preparation for their homecoming parade.  Besides delicious and abundant food, (there were even barbque wings) we had games to play and ice cold water and soda.  It took us a while to convince the students that the food was free and for them!  God gave us a beautiful day and the High School showed up in full force!  It was a great Day!  One of our goals is “to impact the lives of 150 unique new people by 9/30/2020 through a newly created contextual ministry.”  We completed that goal in just one and a half hours through this tailgating party!!! Way to go Haygood!!!

I received a card with the following thank you’s from the faculty and student body.

  • Words cannot express how truly thankful we are for the hospitality for putting this awesome event together. Thank you so much! We are forever grateful.  Williamson
  • Thank you for your kindness! God blessed you. Khoi U.
  • Thank you for everything you did! The food was amazing. Thanks again. ZB
  • Thanks for getting lit with us and providing for us! Daniel Tekleab
  • Thank you for being so generous and making us that great food. Bhauya
  • Thank you so much for allowing us to wait at the church and for making such delicious food. It was spectacular!  Shaila
  • Thank you for your generosity and kindness and allowing us to enjoy ourselves at your church. Yhakira Gray
  • We appreciate the outpouring of food and spirit on Saturday for Homecoming! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  The Bayside High School Student Council
  • This was the best homecoming ever! You guys were a special part of it!  Thanks for being so generous!  Cheryl
  • Thank you for your hospitality! The food, games and kindness were so generous.  We had so much fun! Bayside High School Band
  • I appreciate all the food, activities, and awesome volunteers that you provided on Saturday. Much love, Joy Hill
  • This was the first time I’ve experienced the band being invited to something the SCA was involved in and it was so much fun! Thank you!  Aryanna
  • Thank you everyone at the church for kindly offering to help build a strong community! Matt N.

Thank you for offering to help build a strong community…That is our mission and calling, to reach out and make a difference in our community…and you did!  Not just in the lives of community members but in the lives of the youth who reside all around us!  Thank you Haygood for showing up and for reaching out!  You rock!  And all this happened in a two week period of time…How amazing are you!  I can’t wait to see how God is going to answer our prayer next!

God of our future, we know Haygood United Methodist Church is located at this crossroad for a reason.  Pour out Your Spirit upon us so we might be bold enough to seek it, have eyes to behold it, and a depth of faith to live it.  Make us a beacon of God’s love to all.  Amen.

 Have I told you lately how grateful and proud I am to be your pastor?!?!?!

Grace upon Grace,

Pastor Tammy



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