Paint War

maxresdefaultSunday, May 1st, 3-5pm

(includes paint war t-shirt if registered by April 25th)

Bring a pair of safety goggles or sunglasses and face mask.  These must be worn at all times to participate.


To reach out into our community with the love of Jesus Christ!


Paint War at Haygood is an opportunity to impact middle and high school students in our area! This event is a fun and crazy event for middle and high school students that will be hosted at Haygood UMC on May 1st at 3-5pm. Participants will compete in several EPIC paint competitions, including Paint Balloon Toss, Paint the Flag, Dodgepaint, Slip and Paint Race and an “Everyone for Themselves” paint war!

Things you MUST Bring on May 1st in order to participate

  1. Resgistration/Waiver Form signed by parent
  2. Safety glasses or sunglasses
  3. Face mask.
  4. Optional:  Towel.  Sorry, but no one will not be permitted in the building to change clothing after the event.

Parent Release Form (you must turn this waiver in at registration in order to participate) Registration and Waiver

Pre-Registration Form (must be submitted before 4/25/21 in order to get a t-shirt)

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