Youth Sunday 2019

Youth Sunday is always a special day for me – this was even more true last weekend.  All summer the youth have been working together to build a team – Team Haygood.  God’s Team!  We saw the culmination of all their hard work last Sunday.  Each youth used their own special gift to create an environment where people could connect to God in worship.  And what gifts God has bestowed on them!  Addy’s ability to speed paint worshiping hands allowed us to visualize what it looks like worshiping the Holy Spirit.  The sweet lyrics and joyful energy coming from Carmen, Ella and Trinity led us to praise God with music.  Keyonna did an amazing job leading the Call to Worship as well as depicting the evil people of Nineveh.  (We had to talk her out of using a REAL fish on Danny.)  Carmen and Ella brought smiles to our children’s faces with the huge whale while Danny and Wesley helped us to laugh at their depiction of the sailors.  Ceska, Ethan, James and Tony boldly spoke the message.  Even when the mics and technology tried to interfere, they fearlessly adapted their voices and spoke clearly to allow God’s Word to be heard by everyone.   Kaitlyn, Tyler and Matthew didn’t hesitate to offer their services with the offering and cheerfully greeting everyone as they entered.  Finally, not only did Ethan offer us a wonderful Jonah who tried to run from God’s Will, but his testimonial at the end of the service gave witness to the importance of active Christianity – not only to us but to the people around us!  Thank you, Ethan, for being so brave and sharing.  (If you want to hear the testimonial, see the speed painting and more photos, click here.)

Now it’s time for us to take the message and actively live it.  In other words, it’s time to become ENGAGED in our communities serving others and inviting people to events and church so that they can connect to the body of Christ too.  The youth council and youth group has decided to do this in two ways – 1) community service days and 2) IF (Invite Friends) Events.  Our first community service date is November 23 – the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  We will be going into Aragona Village and looking for homes that need leaf cleanup and offering our services.   This could become a HUGH way to show love to the community if we have lots of hands and feet to help.  We hope entire families will come out and experience this with us.

Our first IF Event is in a couple of weeks – Saturday, October 12th from 10am – noon.  Our parking lot is the start of the Bayside High School’s Homecoming parade.  Before the parade begins at 12:30pm, we are hosting a tailgating event for students, band and football families.  Since this is our first attempt at tailgating, we need lots of people in our congregation to bring their grills and feed the approximate 200 students who we believe may come.  If you would like to make it a full day you can attend the football game too.  (Just as a side note, both our Ethans are in the parade – one is helping to make a float and the other is on the homecoming court!)

Finally, we are having a parent’s meeting at my house on Tuesday, October 1st from 7-8pm.  The youth want to become more engaged and have offered ways to do it this year.  We need lots of parent and family support to make it happen.  I look forward to hearing everyone’s ideas.

Many Blessings,




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