Summer Retreat Information

This year we will be holding two summer retreats at the Lakehouse – one for middle school and one for high school.  This will give the youth and leaders more time to focus on their specific needs and age appropriate topics.  We will leave Friday afternoon at 3pm and come home Sunday around 6:30pm.  We will spend time at the lake and pool, kayaking, playing team-building games and learning about God through Bible study and group discussion.

Our theme is Kindred:  Discovering Christ-Centered Friendships

Scripture:  John 15:5-7; Romans 12:3-8; 1John 1:5-7; Philippians 2:1-5

Cost:  $30 per youth

What you need to bring:

2 towels – one for bathing & one for the lake/pool

bathing suit, comfortable but appropriate clothing (it’s a co-ed church retreat)

sleeping bag and pillow (there are beds but not enough so oldest get first options)

Money for snacks when we stop for bathroom breaks on the trip – kids always want snacks

Please do not bring any electronical devices.  Phones will be allowed during travel but will be removed for the weekend.  Your child will be allowed to have it to call you.  Otherwise, please call me at 513-7716 or Clint at 469-5003 if you need to reach your child or us.  Please note that service does not always work in some places at the house.  The home number is 252-586-6743.


Please fill out the Consent and Liability Release Form below and return to Marie

Parental Consent and Liability Release Form (Code) – Lakehouse

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