Eagle Eyrie Retreat

VA Conference Youth Retreat at Eagle Eyrie

Theme: Extra Ordinary Love Eph:3:19

Speaker: Joe Varner (ThaliaUMC) Joe has a great story and a real passion for sharing Jesus with everyone he can!

Band: 360 Collective

Place:  Eagle Eyrie, Lynchburg, VA

Middle School retreat: November 9-11 (leaving Haygood at 3:30pm)

High School retreat: November 30—December 2 (leaving Haygood at 3pm)

Cost: $125, 135 or $145 depending on when you register. We are selling peanuts to help with the cost of registration.

All bedding and towels are provided, but youth may want to bring their own pillow and blanket still.  We’re on top of a mountain so bring appropriate shoes and clothing.  You will need money for fast food dinner Friday night and lunch on Sunday.  Also, there is an ice cream snack shop the kids love to go to during the weekend.  T-shirts can be purchased for $10.  All other meals are provided.  We will return to Haygood on Sunday at approximately 5pm.

Because we are in the mountains, cell service is very limited especially inside the buildings.  I will provide a land line number in case of emergencies for those youth who are attending.


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