Wacky Wednesdays

Our Wednesday UnWind and night fellowship dinners will come to a close on June 6th with an ASP fundraiser until school starts again next fall. We will kick off our summer Wednesday Night Program – Wacky Wednesdays – on May 20th. All rising 6th graders through 12th graders are welcome. Just as with UnWind, there is a $3 donation cost for dinner.

Join us at 6pm for grilled cheeseburgers and a different “Wacky” way of looking at scripture – through cartoons! Yes, you read that correctly, cartoons! The apostle Paul said that as we follow God’s way we discover that a “basic holiness permeates things” (Galatians 5:22 The Message). Does that include a cartoon bunny and three bears? You bet it does. Does it include a group of super-powered teenagers who must stop an evil fish-guy from taking over the world? Yes, it does!

This summer we will be using our favorite toons to dig into the basic holiness that Paul wrote about, to explore our relationships with God and with each other. We’ll take classic cartoons from Warner Brothers and Walt Disney as well as modern classics like Samurai Jack and The Simpsons and use them as an exciting resource for leading your teenagers into a closer relationship with the One who created it all. (No, we do not mean Walt Disney.)

Summer Schedule

  • June 20th The Simpsons – Bart the Genius; Theme: Acceptance, Grades, School
  • June 27th Dexter’s Laboratory – Dexter Dodgeball; Theme: Bullies, Gifts
  • July 4th – Holiday – No Event
  • July 11th VBS – No Event
  • July 18th Teen Titans – Sisters; Theme: Family, Siblings
  • July 25th Powerpuff Girls – Mr. Mojo’s Rising; Theme: Jealousy, Peer Pressure
  • August 1st Samurai Jack IV; Theme: Appearance, Judgment, Racism, Stereotypes
  • August 8th Looney Tunes Big House Bugs; Theme: Crime & Punishment, Justice
  • August 15th The Simpsons – Homer’s Night Out; Theme: Forgiveness, Role Models
  • August 22nd Dexter’s Laboratory Picture Day; Theme: Appearance, Self-acceptance
  • August 29th SpongeBob SquarePants – Squirrel Jokes; Theme: Making Fun of Others

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