Empowerment Retreat

Girls:   This Friday 6pm through Saturday 4pm

Guys:  This Saturday 6pm through Sunday 4pm

Location:  208 79th Street, Unit B, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Cost:  Free

Bring:  Sleeping bag and pillow.  If you have an air mattress you may want to bring that.


In the last few months it has become increasingly clear to me through our discussion talks and observations that our teens are struggling with self worth and identity due, in large part, to social media.  So we rented this beach house for the weekend in order to get them away from their phones and to give them a place to explore important God-centered topics within the safety of their own gender.

Although most of the sessions revolve around identity, we will carefully tackle the issue of healthy and unhealthy relationships.  We will also spend time educating them on the dangers of some risky social media apps and practices in which they or their friends might be engaging .

We want to reassure you that, though we will welcome any questions your daughter or son may have, we are committed to

  • presenting biblical truths
  • steering students toward a godly view of relationships
  • honoring your sacred role as parents.

Below, you will find  a list of topics we will explore this weekend.  If you have any questions or if you would like to see the lessons we’ll be using, please call me at the church office or on my cell.

Thank you for the privilege of being a small part of your child’s journey toward a deeper and more mature faith.

Friday, 6pm – Saturday, 4pm

Guest Speakers:  Pastor Tammy Estep
and Katherine Ashford with the Samaritan House

  • Your If-Only Self – I’d be happier if only…
  • Your I-Am Self – The me only I ca see
  • Your Intrinsic Self – On being knit by God
  • Guys – What’s Up with them, anyway?
  • Healthy and Unhealthy relationship patterns.
  • A Brief look at Sex Trafficing here in our area:  What to Avoid.

Moms:  We want to include you in the presentation and parent discussion group on social medial concerns and Sex Trafficing in our area given by Katherine Ashford.  Please come to the house on Saturday at 2:30pm if you are able to participate.

Saturday, 6pm – Sunday, 4pm

Guest leaders: Matt Donahue
and Nash Bilisoly

  • Your Outer Self – How the world defines you
  • Your Inner Self – How you define you
  • Your Real Self – How God defines you
  • Girls – Decoding an alien species
  • Healthy and Unhealthy relationship patterns

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