Safety Protocol



Updated 1/5/2021



  • Students will be dropped off in front of the Social Hall doors to the main church building.
  • Marie or volunteer group leader will meet student and/or parent at car and ask if everyone has been well and have anyone in family come into contact with someone with Covid-19.
  • Upon arrival, leader will do a forehead temperature check (which must be under 100.4).
  • Everyone must wear a mask. If a mask is forgotten, one will be given to you.
  • Before entering the building, everyone will use hand sanitizer at the door.

Outside Activities

  • Everyone must wear a mask while engaging in an outside activity other.  than sitting, eating or drinking.
  • At all times everyone needs to practice safe distancing of 6 feet for the safety of their friends and families.

Inside Activities

  • Everyone must wear a mask inside to ensure the safety of your friends and families.
  • We will determine where youth group/tweens will be held depending on the size of the group each week in order to maintain safe distancing.
  • After any activity involving shared items such as air hockey games, props or drawing materials, everyone will use hand sanitizer.


  • Students may use the restrooms one at a time.
  • Everyone will be asked to please wipe down the sink area with the Clorox wipes provided.
  • Upon re-entering the youth group room, hand sanitizer will be provided (just in case).

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • All rooms will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before and after use. This includes wiping down doorknobs, light switches, air hockey game, refrigerator doors, and cabinets and tables.  Clothe couches and chairs will be sprayed with Lysol at least 30 minutes before use.
  • Bathrooms will be wiped down by Marie and volunteers at the end of the event.

Eating Dinner – No eating or drinking permitted at this time.

  • Jesus used meals to build relationships, and we believe it is a vital part of our ministry. Therefore, we will get back to eating meals together; however, they may look a little different for a while.
  • We will still need to maintain our safe distancing especially since we cannot wear masks.
  • Weather permitting, we will eat meals outside under the shade trees. Please bring a towel to sit on.  It has also been recommended that we face in opposite directions while eating.  I’m sure we can make a game out of this – Perhaps guess what the person next to you is eating based on the sound of the chewing.😊

This protocol is subject to change due to the continued changes made by the CDC.  Please remember that every precaution we take is not to restrict you but to keep you safe.  By following to these guidelines, we are obeying Jesus’ second commandment to “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

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