Lesson 3: Imagine Redemption (I Can Only Imagine Series)

Dear Parents:

This week in our Bible Study based on the movie I Can Only Imagine your student learned about  the word redemption.  Your student saw a brief video where Bart Millard, lead singer of the group MercyMe, told about the incredible change in his father’s life after he accepted Christ.  Then, we looked at the Book of Acts and read about the conversion of the Apostle Paul, which was also dramatic and produced an instant change in his life.  Paul almost immediately started telling others about Jesus.

We talked about how the word redemption can be defined as “fixing things.”  God fixed our relationship with Him by sending Jesus to die for our sins.  When we believe and accept what God did for us, we experience redemption.  Your student also learned that when our lives are changed and we live a Christ-centered life, the lives of others can be changed, creating a sort of redemption chain reaction.  Here are some ideas to help you reinforce what your teenager learned at Bible Study this week.

Next Steps…

  • Ask your student if they can remember some of the positive changes that took place in the life of Bart’s dad after he accepted Christ.
  • Ask your student what the word redemption means to them and what it means to live out a redeemed life each day.
  • Take a look at the domino video together and discuss how redemption in someone’s life can cause a chain reaction in many lives.



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