Lesson 1 – We All Long For A Father’s Love (I Can Only Imagine)

Dear Parents,

This week we started a four-week Bible Study based on the movie I Can Only Imagine.  The movie follows the story of the lead singer of the contemporary Cristian group MercyMe, Bart Millard, his struggles living with an abusive father, and how he eventually watched his father find forgiveness and redemption.  In lesson 1 we focused on the broken relationship between Bart and his dad and contrasted that with the perfect and unfailing love God demonstrates toward us as our Heavenly Father.  You may want to read our focal passages from Psalm 89: 24-28 to gain a better understanding of what your student is learning.

“Next Steps” are ways to help you and your teenager better connect with what they learned during the Bible Study.
Talking about a father’s love can be painful for a teenager who has a difficult relationship with his or her dad.  Please know that we focus on God’s love as the answer to what we are looking for in life.

  • Ask your teenager what impacted them the most about the movie clip and lesson and what they learned about God’s love.
  • Consider listening to the song “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe with your teenager, and then discuss how your child believes Bart’s relationship with his dad is reflected in the song.

Thank you for letting your teenager participate in this Bible Study.  Please know I am always available to minister to you and your family.

One thought on “Lesson 1 – We All Long For A Father’s Love (I Can Only Imagine)

  1. This is awesome what you guys have done, will you be sharing Lesson 4? I just starting to run this 4-week study series here in New Zealand, Blessings to all

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